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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why use technology in the classroom?

Let's face it today's students are digital learners. They have grown up with computers, MP3 players, flat screen T.V.'s, ipods, and cell phones. Because of this their brains are wired differently. Using technology is just a part of their everyday life. When students come to school; they quickly become board with paper pencil task. So why not use what works for them-technology.

The advantages of using technology in classrooms are student engagement, leveled playing fields for all learners, and increased problem solving. I have learned by experience that students are on task and engaged by technology more so then traditional teaching methods. In addition, the technology provides the ability for all students to create a neat, organized project. This gives students that are not neat nor organized a learning advantage; therefore, their projects receive grades that are equal to their peers. Technology increase problem solving skills because students have to figure out problems as to how to use the technology to create specific projects and task.

It is my belief that technology should be available to all students in the 21st century because it is now a way of life. In order for our students to be productive citizens in the future, they will need to be able to use technology to survive. Educators and legislators have got to find a way to provide students with the best technology tools and skills in order to maintain the status quo.

1 comment:

Sheryl said...

Loved your comment on the "not so neat" kids and the work they can produce! I see this on a daily basis in the art room. Wonderful ideas and creativity lurk beneath those less-than-ideal fine motor skills and technology is one method that can levels the playing field and let students express themselves. What particular ideas did you use with reading? I am always interested!

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