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Wax Museum
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Math Technology

I use technology across the curriculum. Students used the Promethean board today to learn about ordered pairs. I used a lesson I downloaded from Promethean Planet.

I also made arrangements with the music teacher to work on multiplication facts by using the computer. Student wrote songs for various facts using familiar tunes; such as Old McDonald.
They will record the songs using Garageband next week; then save them to itunes. I will put the songs on our ipods, so students can listen to them later. I will play one song a day on our sound system to share student work.

This is a great example of using technology,reading, and writing across the curriculum. Students are engaged and learning is embedded into young minds. Those who are struggling with math facts will soon learn them.

Oh how I love technology!

1 comment:

Sheryl said...

I love your integration of music and math! What a wonderful way to engage your students in learning! I hope you post these math tunes for others to enjoy.

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