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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum

Wow! What a week we're having in 5th grade. We are completing so many exciting small projects. First, we celebrated the Inauguration by decorating the room red, white, and blue. I made cupcakes for the class (in the same colors) to enjoy while watching the Inauguration Live on television. An old technology, but one that served its purpose today. Before watching the Inauguration, I used a wonderfully made Promethean lesson on the Inauguration. (It was one I downloaded from the website.) It included a compare contrast of the president and vice president, pictures of past Inaugurations; as well as a video.

The following day, we read the 2008 Year In Pictures Time for Kids. I discussed visual literacy and using captions. Then students created their own version of this kid friendly magazine by doing a 2009 Inauguration in pictures using pages. I showed them how to use the shapes and put the pictures into the shapes and how to place a textbox under the pictures. Some students quickly figured out the reflection tool on their own. (How exciting when they make their own discoveries, and they teach me something new too.) My expectation for a thirty minute activity was to include four pictures with captions and a title. They exceeded my expectations very quickly. Hopefully, some students will save these for future references.

Later in life they can say, "I remember watching that on T.V. in 2009."

The other exciting project we completed this week was sending our first epal emails. I began this last week by introducing students to epals and letting them email several emails to classmates. I used their examples to teach formal language in writing. When they emailed each other, they used texting type language; such as "waz up," lol, and etc.

I quickly pointed out that this was not the type of language we use in emails. I showed them an example of one of my emails and an example of a formally written email by a student. Yeah! No more texting in our emails. When student emailed their epals; they did not using texting language. I am so proud of them!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Using Garage Band and Keynote in Science

This week students are using garageband to develop a production on the water cycle. Since students have been introduced to the water cycle before; our focus is a deeper level of thinking about the cycle that includes difficult vocabulary. They took notes over the water cycle vocabulary words while watching a unitedstreaming video. Some of the vocabulary words include: evaporation, transpiration, percolation and sublimation.

Next, they found pictures that showed examples of each of the vocabulary words. Then students narrated the pictures and gave definitions of each word the picture was portraying. After editing, their work and saving, they placed their work into a keynote document.

These make quick and easy presentations that students can share with others including parents at conference time.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seven Things You Don't Know About Me

I've been tagged! Rosemary Miller has tagged me so now it is my responsibility to tell the world seven things you don't know about me. So here goes.

1. I'm a quilter. There is something about just touching the cloth that calms my soul. I've made many quilts, but have given most of them away. You know you are very dear to my heart, if I have given you a quilt.

2. I have a strong faith in God. He is my rock and foundation. My husband tells me I'm one of the strongest people he knows. My strength comes from believing in God and reading his word daily.

3. This is a very well kept secret and something that I don't brag about. I sing in church. I enjoy singing, but am not an expert. In addition, I have written several songs; yes, I do sing them at church in front of an audience.

4. I waste no time! I can put a meal on the table before my husband can take a shower. It is often a race in the evening to see who can finish first. I always win!

5. I like to write. My goal someday is to write a picture book for children.

6. My grandmother is my inspiration for life. Even though she had many trials and tribulations in her life, she was very caring, loving, and happy. She too had a strong faith in God. She died when I was forty five years old. During those forty five years, not one time did I ever hear her say one bad word about another person. I want to be like that!

7. I am resilient. When I decided to go to college, my mother told me I was wasting my time and I'd never finish. I smiled and thought to myself-watch me! Four years later she was taking me out for a steak dinner and paying the bill.

When my husband beats me in a game of Dominoes, he proudly states, "I am the king."
I quietly reply, "let's play another game."
When I win, I scream, "I am the queen!"

Tag-Becky Mullins your it. It is now your turn to tell the world seven things they don't know about you.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Intel Visual Ranking Tool

We are finishing up our imovie projects by using the Intel Visual Ranking Tool. We are only allowed to use six of our imovies on our global "Life Around Here" project; therefore, students are using a rubric and voting on which movies we will use. First, students are viewing our eleven videos and rating them using a rubric that I created. The rubric includes items such as audio quality, picture quality, and content. After scoring the movies, students will rank them in order using the tool. From this data the top six movies will be chosen for our project.

Later before viewing other videos in the project, students will use the Visual Ranking Tool to predict what life is like in other areas around the globe. This will help them to compare and contrast their thoughts about other parts of the world. Hopefully, they will learn that life in other parts of the world may not always be the sterotype that we think it is.


Integrating Math Curriculum

We have been using our computers and the internet to make graphs this week. Students created graphs today using http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/ You use this site by clicking on the graph icon at the top of the page; then click on the type of graph you want to make. After that, enter your data, and print your graph.

I had students make graphs the old fashion way-on graph paper the first day. Several students left labels and titles off of their handmade graphs. However, when students used the website and their computers; not one student left off the labels. Amazing!

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