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Wax Museum
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Famous Scientist

We are using http://www.factmonster.com to research a famous scientist; then each student will write a paragraph about their famous scientist. The finished products will be published in an ebook. We will share when our project is completed.

The Important Story

As you remember I love to integrate writing into everything we do. I started by reading The Important Book to the students; then I wrote my own version of the important story. My story was called The Important Thing About Me. Then the students wrote their own important stories about themselves. The final products were typed on the computer; two students typed their stories using the iPad. I was amazed at how well they typed using the iPad. The forth graders and I hope you use our idea to have fun writing your own important stories.

Back to the Classroom

I completed the circle from low tech classroom, to high tech classroom, to technology facilitator, back to the classroom. I have my own classroom again this year; and couldn't be happier. I love my new students; they are energetic and eager to learn. I just can't wait to get to the classroom each day to see their smiling little faces.

My challenge this year will be to integrate the technology into the curriculum with less equipment then I've had for the last four years. I'm working with seven computers for twenty-two students, one digital camera, a document camera, and a Promethean Board. The first thing I did was dig through my own closest at home; I discovered two more digital cameras that I'm taking to the classroom. I will also take my own iPad to let students use. Even with my own equipment I am struggling not having that two to one ratio computer usage for students. However, I am bound and determined to make it work.

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