Wax Museum

Wax Museum
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


On Monday and Friday my students work in skill rotation groups, during reading. We focus on skills that are on our state assessment. I have two other teachers that come into my room at this time. Students are divided into three random groups. Each teacher teaches a mini lesson, or works on a skill. Sometimes each station is a different skill, but if students are struggling with a concept; we will all work on the same skill by using different modalities.

Whenever possible I use technology in my rotation. One management tip is to have the first group sit up their computers and log on to the site we will be using that day. Those original computers stay at my station for the entire time. This makes rotations go seamlessly. Students do not have to stop, get out computers, and log on each time they rotate. Here are just a few of the websites I use during this time.




I have established a portal http:/guest.portaportal.com/tgilley313 that my students use in class or at home. The portal allows for easy access to websites and an online bookmark storage for me. It is much easier to tell students go to the portal; then it is to spout off a URL. The portal also elevates students having to type the URL.

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