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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Intel Visual Ranking Tool

We are finishing up our imovie projects by using the Intel Visual Ranking Tool. We are only allowed to use six of our imovies on our global "Life Around Here" project; therefore, students are using a rubric and voting on which movies we will use. First, students are viewing our eleven videos and rating them using a rubric that I created. The rubric includes items such as audio quality, picture quality, and content. After scoring the movies, students will rank them in order using the tool. From this data the top six movies will be chosen for our project.

Later before viewing other videos in the project, students will use the Visual Ranking Tool to predict what life is like in other areas around the globe. This will help them to compare and contrast their thoughts about other parts of the world. Hopefully, they will learn that life in other parts of the world may not always be the sterotype that we think it is.


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