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Wax Museum
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Big Cache

Today was wonderfully exhausting. The students were so excited about going to Dillon Nature Center to go geocaching. Mrs. Frazier, Mrs. Worthing and Mrs. Clark planted our caches for us the day before in the freezing cold. I planned the caches which was called "Mystery Numbers." They were math problems that I made up. Each cache had a math problem to solve and a sheet to sign. Mrs. Frazier made the guide sheet for students. It included what the students were to do: take pictures of nature, take pictures of your group, take a picture of a cache, and the geo bug. It also included the coordinates and a place to record the answer to the math problems.

I've never seen such a bunch of excited students before. They couldn't wait to get to DNC; the bus ride was a buzz there and back. They listened carefully while Mrs. Fraizer and I gave instructions; then we set them off with their adult in charge to find the caches. Every group I saw was smiling, working hard to solve problems and find caches.

The curriculum areas we covered in this event were as follows: Math, geography, technology, and physical wellness. Also, thanks to all the parent volunteers. We couldn't have done this without your help monitoring each group.

All I heard on the ride home was Mrs. Gilley that was so much fun when do we get to do this again. What a memorable experience for students. I was exhausted after following five excited girls around the Nature Center all afternoon, but it was a wonderful feeling.

Our thanks to Dillon Nature Center for letting us plant the caches there and to Mrs. Clark, Mrs Frazier, and Mrs. Worthing for all their help.

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