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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Creating a Flip Book using pages

Today students used pages to create a flip book on the Three Branches of Government. The outcome was for students to learn what the Three Branches of Government are and their functions. Student had a good graphic in their social studies book; so they used that as a starting point for their information. Then students used the website Ben's Guide to the Government for Kids: http://bensguide.gpo.gov/3-5/government/national/legislative.html to find more information.

After exploring the website; students created their flip book. First, they had to set a vertical ruler on the side of the document. You can find this under pages, preferences, enable rulers. Next, they used the shape tool to make a line at 3 inches and 4 inches on the first page of the document. (No line is placed at the bottom of the document.) They had to create a new page to place their last line at 6 1/2 inches on the new page. (Tip-if you hold down the shift key your line will be straight.) After all lines are in place, students made textboxes and placed labels of the three branches in the boxes. These boxes must be placed just above the lines, so the labels can be seen when books are put together. Finally, students had to place pictures and write a short paragraph about each Branch of Government and its function on sections of the document that were marked off with the lines. One student made a wonder graphic on the title page by placing her pictures inside a shape.

When students were finished, they printed their work and cut the document apart on each line; then layered the book and stapled it.

There you have it a flip book created on pages. You can make flip books for any subject area. Other examples may include but not limited to are 3 types of rocks, plot line in books, or 3D solid figures in math.

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