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Wax Museum
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Monday, December 22, 2008


Our newest project is making a movie with imovie. Students are working on movies about our community. For time and convenience, I did the leg work by taking pictures of our community. I took pictures of places in our community and surrounding area. Students are using the photos to make a movie.

First, they had to plan by using a storyboard graphic organizer. They organized photos and wrote out what they were going to record about each pictures on the storyboard. This took them about three class periods. Some students even had to make phone calls to local businesses and ask questions about it to ensure accuracy in their work, while planning.

Next, students used a flash drive and put the photos into iphoto. From there they placed them into imovie and organized their photos into the photo track.

Third, they recorded their descriptions of the photos on to imovie. Finally, they had to edit their work. In addition, their movies will be uploaded to a global project that my class is involved in.

This project is an example of project based learning too. Students used writing across the curriculum, social studies, and 21st century skills.

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